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Family and Childrens Service of Ithaca

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Family and Childrens Service of Ithaca
127 W State St, Ithaca, NY 14850
(516) 997-2926

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Getting sober can seem like an impossible goal to people who are addicted. But with the right treatment, anyone can beat their addiction and build a foundation for a sober life. Dual-diagnosis treatment is a type of treatment that helps with both addiction and any mental health problems that may be going on in the background.

People in Ithaca, who may be struggling with the stress and loneliness of city life, can benefit the most from this approach. Dual-diagnosis treatment helps people build a stronger foundation for recovery by taking care of both their addiction and their mental health. This method can also help increase the number of people who stay sober and stop them from relapsing.


Inpatient drug treatment in New York Ithaca can be very helpful for people who want to get sober. Inpatient treatment gives people a safe, organized place to get off drugs and start the road to recovery. Inpatient treatment also gives people who are struggling with addiction access to medical care and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also, inpatient treatment programs often include therapy and counseling, which can help people get to the root of their addiction and learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. Even though not everyone needs inpatient treatment, it can be a very helpful tool for people who really want to get sober.


People who want to get sober in New York have many options, including outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is a type of care that lets people get help for addiction while still living at home. This can be a great option for people who are busy or who need to be able to take care of their responsibilities at home.

Outpatient care can also be less expensive than some other kinds of care. People in outpatient treatment usually meet with a counselor or therapist at Family and Childrens Service of Ithaca several times a week, and they may also go to group meetings. People who want to stay sober and are able to follow their treatment plan can get a lot out of this kind of care.


People love going out at night and meeting new people in New York. But this isn’t all good news, because Ithaca is also home to a lot of people who are struggling with addiction. Intervention can be a very important step for people who want to stop using drugs. Intervention is when a person’s family and friends get together to talk to them about their drug use.

This might seem like a hard thing to do, but intervention can be a very useful tool. Studies have shown that intervention makes it much more likely that someone will go to treatment. This makes it an important step for anyone in Ithaca, NY who wants to get sober.


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