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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Warsaw, NY

Dual-diagnosis treatment centers help those addicted to drugs or alcohol which also deal with a mental health disorder. Often, people with a dual diagnosis require more specialized care than those with only an addiction or only a mental health disorder.

Dual-diagnosis treatment centers provide comprehensive care for those with a dual diagnosis. This care includes medication management, therapy, and support services. Treatment at a dual-diagnosis center can help people with a dual diagnosis get sober and improve their mental health.

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Spectrum Human Services – Wyoming County Counseling Center

34 N Main St, Warsaw, NY 14569

  • Outpatient
  • Dual-Diagnosis

NY State License, SAMHSA

Wyoming County Community Hospital – Behavioral Health Unit

400 N Main St, Warsaw, NY 14569

  • Inpatient
  • Dual-Diagnosis

Allegany Rehabilitation Associates – Warsaw

39 Duncan St, Warsaw, NY 14569

  • Outpatient
  • Dual-Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help You Overcome Addictions In Warsaw, NY

Dual-diagnosis treatment in Warsaw, NY has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help people addicted to drugs or alcohol get sober. This type of treatment combines therapy for addiction with therapy for any mental health disorders that may be present. This approach can be very beneficial because it allows people to address both their addiction and any underlying issues that may be contributing to their addiction.

Dual-diagnosis treatment centers in Warsaw, NY, can provide several benefits for people struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Some of the key benefits include:

  • A comprehensive approach that addresses all of the person’s needs
  • Individualized treatment plans that are tailored to each person’s unique needs
  • The opportunity to receive support from a team of experts who can help you overcome your addiction and mental health disorders
  • The chance to learn new coping skills and strategies to deal with stress and triggers
  • The opportunity to build a healthy support network of friends and family members who can help you stay sober

Signs and symptoms of addiction in Warsaw, NY include: Using drugs or alcohol to cope with stress or negative emotions, Feeling like you can’t function without drugs or alcohol, and Developing a tolerance to drugs or alcohol, meaning you need more of them to feel the same effects, Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol.

What are some of the most common treatments for dual diagnosis patients in Warsaw, NY?

Warsaw, NY's dual-diagnosis treatment centers offer a variety of evidence-based treatments that can help you manage your addiction and mental health disorder. Some of the most common treatments for dual diagnosis patients include Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Group therapy, and Medication management.

How can family and friends be supportive during this difficult time?

Family and friends can support this difficult time by offering encouragement and support. They can also help the person with a dual diagnosis stay on track by providing positive reinforcement for meeting treatment goals and remaining sober. Family and friends can also support when relapse occurs by helping the person get back on track.